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About MuleSoft Certification Training Program

Prakalpana Technologies is provide best MuleSoft Certification Training in Bangalore. Discover the capabilities of the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, a leading solution for organizations seeking top-tier integration solutions. 

This platform plays a pivotal role in designing and developing APIs, applications, and more, offering a suite of tools to automate diverse workflows and processes.

Elevate your learning experience with Prakalpana  Technologies by enrolling in the MuleSoft Certification Training in Bangalore. This comprehensive course covers essential topics, including MuleSoft fundamentals, Restful web services, designing Mule applications, DataWeave expressions, record processing, and more.

Our expert trainers at prakalpana provide in-depth understanding through real-world examples, assist in problem-solving, offer assignments, and share valuable interview tips. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to work on real-time projects, gaining practical skills that are crucial for success in your career.

Acquire expertise in Mule application design through MuleSoft Course in Bangalore, ensuring you are well-prepared to excel in your desired career path at the right time.

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    Curriculum of MuleSoft Certification Training

    • Introducing to MuleSoft
    • Platform feature and need of the system
    • Fundamentals of MuleSoft
    • Overview of Application Integration
    • Messaging Patterns
    • Messaging Encoding
    • Building blocks of SOA
    • Overview of XML, SOAP , Web Services, REST
    • Service Component Architecture (SCA)
    • What is API?
    • What is Mule API Led Connectivity
    • Overview of Mule ESB
    • Understanding Mule Concept and Terminology
    • What is Mule API Led Connectivity
    • Mule 4 new features and different from Mule 3
    • Install Mule Studio
    • Mule Message Structure
    • What is Flow and SubFlow, Private Flow
    • Synchronous Flow, Asynchronous Flow
    • Staged event-driven architecture
    • Configure Mule Components
    • What is Flows?
    • How to Design Flows, SubFlow, Private Flows
    • Flow and SubFlow Scopes
    • Logger Component
    • Set Variable
    • Set Payload
    • What is Connector?
    • Connector and Modules on Mule 4
    • How to Configure and use HTTP/HTTPS Connector
    • Database Connector
    • File Connector
    • FTP/SFTP Connector
    • Web Service Consumer Connector
    • VM Connector
    • JMS Connector
    • SalesForce Connector
    • What is Module?
    • Mule 4 Modules
    • Scripting Module
    • Java Module
    • XML Module
    • Validation Module
    • What is DataWeave Language?
    • Explaining about DataWeave Features
    • How to Transform XML to JSON and JSON to XML
    • How to Transform XML to CSV , FixedLength
    • DataWeave Selector
    • External Functions and Custom Functions
    • Patterns Matching
    • Overview of Exception and Error
    • Messaging exception strategies
    • Mule 4 Exception
    • Try Scope
    • On-Error Error Handling
    • On Error Propagate
    • On Error Continue
    • introduction to Flows and Routers
    • Choice router
    • Flow control
    • Scatter-Gather Router
    • For Each Scope
    • Asynchronous Scope
    • Catch Scope
    • Until Successful Scope
    • What is Object Store?
    • Different Version of Object Store
    • How to Use Object Store
    • Object Store Connector
    • Configure Object Store
    • Store and Retrieve Object Store
    • What is Batch Processors?
    • Batch Job Component
    • Load and Dispatch
    • Process
    • On Complete
    • Batch Job Execution Order and Filter
    • Batch Job Aggregator Component
    • Explain on CloudHub
    • How to Create account on CloudHub
    • CloudHub Features
    • CloudHub Component
    • API Manager
    • Runtime Manager
    • Exchange
    • Explaining Worker Concept
    • CloudHub Runtime & Workers
    • Cloud Deployment
    • On-Premise Deployment
    • Hybrid Deployment
    • What is Mule API
    • How to Design REST API
    • Best Practices and Version Control on REST API
    • Explaining Experience API, Process API, System API
    • In-depth explain on RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML)
    • RAML API Design
    • How to design and test RAML on CloudHub
    • What API Policies
    • API Manager
    • How to Create and Assign Policies to API
    • Monitoring API
    • What is Exchange
    • Explaining about self services
    • Benefit and Features of Exchange
    • Explaining about Public and Private Exchange
    • How to Publish RAML, Project Template into Exchange
    • What is MUnit?
    • MUnit Test Suite
    • How to Create Test Cases for API Services
    • Coverage Reports
    • Assertion Event Processors
    • Mock When Event Processors
    • What is Runtime Manager?
    • Managing Users, Roles and Environments
    • Audit Logging
    • Deploying API using Manager
    • Start and Stop the Applications
    • Working with Notification and Logs



    Priyanka HS
    Priyanka HS
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    I've been here for MuleSoft Training Course. Tutors are professional with in-depth knowledge, using simple examples and making it easy to understand. Course work is scheduled in such a way it includes much of assignments. I got zero knowledge on programming when i started, But now I'm able to code. I would recommend it to anyone.
    Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar
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    I have been Learning MuleSoft Training Course in Bangalore. My trainer taught me very in-depth hands on using simple examples and making it easy to understand. It help me to grab job in very good MNC.
    Habeeba Taj
    Habeeba Taj
    Read More
    Thank you so much for your very valuable MuleSotf Training and Prakalpana support team also helped me lot answering all of my question the instructor also very excellent.


    MuleSoft  Certification Training in Bangalore is one of the accelerating and most promising fields, considering all the technologies available in the IT market today. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you need a structured MuleSoft Training with the latest curriculum as per current industry requirements and best practices.

    Besides a strong theoretical understanding, you need to work on various real-world MuleSoft projects using different industrial MuleSoft Training as a part of solution strategy.

    Additionally, you need the guidance of a MuleSoft Training expert who is currently working in the industry on real-world MuleSoft projects and troubleshooting day-to-day challenges while implementing them. All of which can be acquired from the MuleSoft Training Course.

    Prakalpana Technologies provides many suitable modes of training .

    • Classroom training 
    • Online training 
    • Fast track & Super fast track
    • Live instructor online training
    • Customized training

    We do, however, provide recordings of each session you attend for your future reference.

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    You can reach to the Corporate Training team at 24/7 on this +917505363802 / +919108565274 OR email at [email protected]

    Training Features

    Classroom Training

    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.

    Live-Online Training

    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.

    Real-life Case Studies

    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.


    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.

    24 x 7 Expert Support

    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.


    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.