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About Selenium Training In Bangalore Program

Prakalpana Technologies is to provide, Selenium Training in Bangalore. Selenium automation testing is a software testing technique that uses the Selenium framework to automate the process of testing web applications. It involves the use of Selenium, an open-source tool, to perform various test activities.

Our Selenium training in Bangalore is renowned for its excellence. We offer an organized educational plan that covers each part of Selenium, from the basics to cutting-edge procedures. With a solid spotlight on involved insight, you’ll acquire practical bits of knowledge that you can promptly apply to your testing projects.

Best Selenium Training Course in Bangalore

Embark on your journey to success with our Best Selenium Training Course in Bangalore. Our courses provide an in-depth understanding of Selenium, equipping you with the skills needed to excel in web testing. Our expert instructors guide you through the intricacies of Selenium, ensuring you grasp each concept thoroughly.

When choosing a Selenium training institute, quality matters. Our institute is widely recognized as the best Selenium training institute in Bangalore. With a track record of producing skilled and industry-ready professionals, we provide a supportive learning environment to nurture your Selenium talents.

Selenium Online Training

In today’s digital age, geographical constraints should not hinder your learning journey. Our Selenium online training in Bangalore allows you to access world-class training from the comfort of your own space. Flexibility is key, and our online courses provide just that.

for those who prefer a traditional classroom setting, our Selenium classroom training in Bangalore offers a rich, interactive learning experience. You’ll have direct access to instructors and peers, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and networking.

Selenium Automation Testing Training

Automation is the future of testing, and our Selenium automation testing training in Bangalore equips you with the skills needed to thrive in a technology-driven industry. Learn to automate repetitive tasks and accelerate your testing process


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    Curriculum of Selenium Training Course In Bangalore

    • Preparing your machine
    • Installing Python
    • Installing the Selenium package
    • Browsing the Selenium Web Driver Python documentation
    • Selecting an IDE
    • PyCharm
    • The PyDevEclipseplugin
    • PyScripter
    • Setting up PyCharm
    • Taking your first step with selenium and Python
    • Cross-browser support
    • Setting up Internet Explorer
    • Setting up Google Chrome
    • Summary
    • The unit test library
    • The Test Case class
    • The set Up()method
    • Writing tests
    • Cleaning up the code
    • Running the test
    • Adding another test
    • Class-level setUp() and tearDown()methods
    • Assertions
    • Test suites
    • Generating the HTML test report
    • Summary
    • Using developer tools to find locators
    • Inspecting pages and elements with Fire focusing the Firebugadd-in
    • Inspecting pages and elements with Google Chrome
    • Inspecting pages and elements with Internet Explorer
    • Finding elements with Selenium Web Driver
    • Using the find methods
    • Finding elements using the ID attribute
    • Finding elements using then a meat tribute
    • Finding elements using the class name
    • Finding elements using the tag name
    • Finding elements using XPath
    • Finding elements using CSS selectors
    • Finding links
    • Finding links with partial text
    • Putting all the tests together using find methods
    • Summary
    • Elements of HTML forms
    • Understanding the Web Driver class
    • Properties of the Web Driver class
    • Methods of the Web Driver class
    • Understanding the Web Element class
    • Properties of the Web Element class
    • Methods of the Web Element class
    • Working with forms, text boxes, checkboxes, and radio buttons
    • Checking whether the element is displayed and enabled
    • Finding the element attribute value
    • Using the is selected()method
    • Using the clear()and send keys()methods
    • Working with drop-down sand lists
    • Understanding the Select class
    • Properties of the Select class
    • Methods of the Select class
    • Working with alert sand pop-up windows
    • Understanding the Alert class
    • Properties of the Alert class
    • Methods of the Alert class
    • Automating browser navigation
    • Summary
    • Using implicit wait
    • Using explicit wait
    • The expected condition class
    • Waiting for an element to be abled
    • Waiting for alerts
    • Implementing custom wait conditions
    • Summary
    • The Selenium stand-alone server
    • Downloading the Selenium stand-alone server
    • Launching the Selenium stand-alone server
    • Running a test on the Selenium stand-alone server
    • Adding support for Internet Explorer
    • Adding support for Chrome
    • Selenium Grid
    • Launching the Selenium server as a hub
    • Adding nodes
    • Adding an IEnode
    • Adding a Firefox node
    • Adding a Chromenode
    • Mac OSX with safari
    • Running tests in grid
    • Running test Sina cloud
    • Using SauceLabs
    • Summary


    Priyanka HS
    Priyanka HS
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    I've been here for Selenium Training in Bangalore. Tutors are professional with in-depth knowledge, using simple examples and making it easy to understand. Course work is scheduled in such a way it includes much of assignments. I got zero knowledge on programming when i started, But now I'm able to code. I would recommend it to anyone.
    Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar
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    I have completed Selenium training course in Bangalore from Prakalpana Technologies. My instructor taught me very deeply using simple examples and making it easy to understand. This helped me to get a job in a very good MNC
    Habeeba Taj
    Habeeba Taj
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    Thank you so much for your very valuable Selenium automation Testing Training and Prakalpana support team also helped me lot answering all of my question the instructor also very excellent..


    Selenium Training in Bangalore is one of the accelerating and most promising fields, considering all the technologies available in the IT market today. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you need a structured The Selenium Automation Testing Training Course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Selenium Automation Testing . At the end of the course the participants will have an understanding of all the basic and advanced concepts like Request flow, Rendering systems, Selenium Automation Testing Training Course with the latest curriculum as per current industry requirements and best practices.

    Besides a strong theoretical understanding, you need to work on various real-world Procurement & Logistics projects using different industrial Selenium Automation Testing Training as a part of solution strategy.

    Additionally, you need the guidance of the Best Selenium Training Course in Bangalore expert who is currently working in the industry on real-world Selenium Automation Testing  Training projects and troubleshooting day-to-day challenges while implementing them. All of which can be acquired from the Selenium Automation Testing Training Course.

    Prakalpana Technologies provides many suitable modes of training .

    • Classroom training 
    • Online training 
    • Fast track & Super fast track
    • Live instructor online training
    • Customized training

    We do, however, provide recordings of each session you attend for your future reference.

    Yes. We arrange a free demo for all the courses either in the Classroom or Live-Online demo. Please fill the Schedule demo  form to schedule a free demo.

    All our trainers are certified and are highly qualified, with multiple years of experience in working with front-end development technology.

    You will receive Prakalpana Technologies globally recognized course completion certificate.

    Yes you will get placement assistance after the course.

    Give  us a quick CALL to our course advisor  at +917505363802 / +919108565274 OR email at [email protected]

    You can reach to the support team for your queries 24/7 .  The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course. 

    You can reach to the Corporate Training team at 24/7 on this +917505363802 / +919108565274 OR email at [email protected]

    Training Features

    Classroom Training

    Prakalpana offers Classroom training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.

    Live-Online Training

    Prakalpana offers Live - Online training for all courses in Bangalore and top courses as a scheduled batch in Prakalpana.

    Real-life Case Studies

    Prakalpana offers Real - Lifecase study training in all courses in Bangalore with our top IT 10+ Years Instructures.


    Prakalpana have a community forum for our learners that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.

    24 x 7 Expert Support

    Prakalpana have a lifetime 24x7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries in a short time.


    After successfully completing your final course , Prakalpana will certify you as MY Selenium Automation Testing Course.