Facing challenges in hiring skilled resources?

The Solution:

This model mutually benefits both employer and job seeker. It helps the employer get the right candidate with the right skill set while it helps the job seeker with the right job with an opportunity to upskill in the ‘in-demand technology with a salary hike.


According to your requirements, we source candidates and screen them through multi stage assessments on the base skills and experiences. Get them interviewed for you. The screening process in customized as per your requirement.


The curriculum of the training is customized as per your requirement. Finalization of the same is done along with your business team.


Post completion of the training, candidates will be appearing for the final assessment followed by final interview by client organization. As per business deal, they will be deployed to client either on direct payroll, contract or manage staffing by 2COMS Consulting.

Benefits of the employer

  • Cost-effective and value-added business model
  • Assured quality, multi-stage pre & post-screening
  • Curriculum mapping is done as per requirement
  • ZERO investment in hiring team
  • Get Trained & Skilled professionals
  • Achieve business goals through outsourced bulk-hiring
  • Ability to Up-Skill Lateral Hires before Day 1 on deployment on project

Are you looking for Better Job Opportunity?

  • Upskill yourself at NO COST
  • Get paid while you are in training
  • Organization aligned training syllabus
  • Get higher compensation on upskilling